Terms and conditions

The following terms represent an Agreement between LLC "WORK UKRAINE" (hereinafter referred to as the Company) and the User of the services of the website https://www.work.ua (hereinafter referred to as the Site), under the terms of which the User may use the information and services provided by the Site. In content on the site and in emails, the following terms are called the "Site rules".

1. User responsibilities

By accepting this Agreement, the User is obliged to fully follow these terms when working with the site.

1.1. To not mislead other users or site administrators.

1.2. To not create multiple accounts on the site if, in fact, they belong to the same employer or individual.

1.3. To not deliberately post poor quality or false information.

1.4. To not type words in all capital letters if they are not abbreviations.

1.5. To not publish ads offering jobs in such spheres as: earnings on the Internet, processing emails, conducting mass emails, live broadcasts as a model-blogger, network marketing, requiring a material investment, gambling, erotic, occult, marriage services.

1.6. To post jobs only in the city in which the employee will actually work.

1.7. To not publish several resumes or jobs that are the same, or where only the title differs.

1.8. To not repeat words in a job or resume title.

1.9. To not post information regarding more than one position in a title or job description.

1.10. To not use the Site to distribute promotional materials, including to not publish under the appearance of a job or resume: invitations to register on third-party websites, or advertisements for job or staff recruiting services, partnerships, or cooperation.

1.11. To not post offensive or obscene statements, or other material that harms the Company or third parties.

1.12. To not post information calling for the violation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine; the recognition of illegal territorial administrative entities in Ukraine; or that contains names, symbols, or propaganda for separatist or terrorist organizations.

1.13. To not post information on the Site that might relate to the collection and storage of personal data about other users.

1.14. To post the company name starting with the name, without quotes, brackets, and other characters. Additionally, a comma may be used to specify a form of ownership or type of activity (if desired). Correct:

  • Biosphere.
  • Arda, trade house.
  • Forum, bank.
  • Sidorov A.V., FLP.

Incorrect: The company "Biosphere", LLC "Biosphere". A company may use the "Anonymous posting" service if they would like to hide their name.

1.15. To choose categories that exclusively match the theme of the title. If you want to affiliate your job or resume with an additional category, indicate this affiliation directly in the title of the resume or job. For example:

Wholesale sales manager

  • Sales and Procurement

Wholesale sales manager (Pharmaceuticals)

  • Sales and Procurement
  • Medicine, Pharmaceuticals


  • Retail

Computer equipment salesperson

  • Retail
  • IT, computers, internet

1.16. To not publish requirements for gender, age, or other discriminatory requirements for candidates in job content (para. 3, article 11 of the Ukrainian Law "On Employment").

1.17. Не использовать сайт с целью поиска сотрудников для работы на территории Российской Федерации, Крыма и ОРДЛО.

1.18. The User agrees to be solely responsible for information placed on the Site by the User, including compliance with legal requirements; copyright compliance; authorized use of company names; the use of logos, and signs for goods and services (trademarks); as well as for respecting the rights of third parties in connection with posting information on the Site. In the event of complaints from third parties pertaining to information posted by the User, the User is obliged to settle these claims independently and at the User’s expense.

1.19. The User is obliged to use the Site in accordance with this Agreement, as well as with current and applicable laws of the region.

2. Limitation of responsibility

The Company is not responsible for:

2.1. The content of material published by Users.

2.2. Harm, loss, or any other damages that may arise from using the Site.

3. Rights of the Company

The Company reserves the right to:

3.1. Modify the Site at their own discretion.

3.2. Change the cost and types of services, and their duration.

3.3. Change the appearance of postings (use headings, bulleted and numbered lists).

3.4. Edit or delete material published by the User on the Site if it does not comply with the terms of this Agreement, harms the Company or third parties, as well as at their sole discretion without providing a reason.

3.5. Use material which is published by the User on the Site and which is publicly available for their own purposes, in particular, for posting material on partner websites.

3.6. Unilaterally make changes to this Agreement. The User is considered to have been notified of changed conditions of the Agreement from the moment the amended version of this Agreement is posted on the Site at https://www.work.ua/about-us/conditions/.

4. Privacy policy

Using the Site signifies the User's full and unconditional consent to this privacy policy and the purposes and conditions specified in it for processing one’s personal data.

4.1. By posting resumes or other data on the Site, or by sending resumes or other similar letters to the email addresses of companies or other Users of the Site, Users of the Site voluntarily grant LLC "WORK UKRAINE", registered at 19A Pylypa Orlyka Avenue, apt. 63, Dnipro, as well as third parties who have access to this Site, their unconditional consent to process their personal data (contained in their resumes, messages, information collected or posted on the Site, and information sent to other Users of the Site).

4.2. Personal Data processing includes any action or set of actions associated with collecting, registering, accumulating, storing, adapting, modifying, updating, using and distributing (implementing, transferring), or deleting the Personal Data of the User in order to ensure the operation of services of the Site.

4.3. The scope of the User's Personal Data, in relation to which processing is carried out and which can be included in the personal data database (including in the resume personal data database), is defined as any information about the User posted in his or her resume or other data gathered or posted on the Site, as well as emails sent using it, which becomes known to LLC "WORK UKRAINE", as well as to any third parties using the Website.

4.4. User consent to process Personal Data requires no further notice from LLC "WORK UKRAINE" when transferring the Personal Data to third parties in accordance with the provisions of article 21 of the Ukrainian Law "On personal data protection".

4.5. By accepting this agreement, the User confirms that he or she understands his or her rights as defined by the Ukrainian Law "On personal data protection", as well as the purpose for collecting, storing, and processing his personal data. The User also agrees that the time period for processing his or her personal data does not have an expiration.

4.6. The User can, at any time, change (update, supplement) the personal data, or parts of it, provided by him or her, as well as its privacy settings, using the edit function and access settings for personal information, as well as require that the Company completely delete the account and personal data associated with the User from the Site's database.

To delete personal data:

  1. Log into the account in which you want to delete your personal data.
  2. Go to the delete data page.
  3. Click Delete.

If you are unable to delete your personal data, please, contact our support.

4.7. The purpose for collecting, storing, and processing personal data is to provide the User with personalized Site services, including: access to a personalized dashboard; signing in; password reminders; posting and sending resumes and jobs; targeting advertising material; communicating with the User, including sending notifications, requests, and information regarding the use of the Site; providing services; processing User requests; and other services of the Site.

5. Payment and settlement procedure

5.1. Service is provided on the condition of full prepayment of its cost according to the issued invoice. Rendering services means the addition of services to the account on the Work.ua Site and providing the User with the ability to activate them in a special "Purchased Services" section at a time chosen by the User.

5.2. The Invoice and the Statement of Services Rendered are issued by the Company electronically, signed using an electronic digital signature, and sent to the User.

5.3. The User is obliged to send the Statement of Services Rendered, signed by the User with an electronic digital signature, within 5 (five) working days from the date of receipt of the Statement. In the event that the User does not send a signed Statement or a motivated refusal to sign it within the specified period, the services rendered by the Company will be considered accepted.

5.4. The Statement of Services Rendered and the registration of tax invoices are issued and provided to the User only in case of payment for services to the Company's account, without using a payment system (Visa and Mastercard).