Emerson Croft

Job from October 4, 2019

QA Automation Engineer

Emerson Croft
IT; 50-250 employees
Employment type:
remote, people with disabilities welcome
work experience more than 1 year

Job description

Stealth Silicon Valley Startup in Research and Healthcare AI with 182M monthly visits seeking QA Automation Engineer.

Help to advance the next-level AI-enabled technologies.

About us: https://www.emersoncroft.com/

The fast-growing Silicon Valley company is currently seeking a QA Automation Engineer to help creating of AI-enabled research and healthcare solutions to service the partners and 182M monthly visitors, making one of the largest Node.js® projects in existence. They create these solutions by uniting engineers who work remotely — collaboration through the cloud.

You will work remotely, decide your own hours, and find self-fulfillment through results-focused work. The team members spend only 2−3% of their time in meetings — most of their time is spent researching, documenting, coding, and building. As a member of the team, you will need to be fiercely independent and self-directed.

You will become obsessed with learning and personal growth and will need to maintain high levels of self-discipline to avoid distractions atypical to the traditional office environment. Working for a startup is intense. Tasks will be ambiguous, and it will be up to you as the owner of a project to fully understand, research, and develop your solution.

If you’re highly motivated, versatile, smart, persistent, and a great teammate, we want to hear from you!

You will:

  1. Identify flaws in processes and improve or replace them
  2. Develop automated acceptance tests using js and Selenium WebDriver
  3. Continually refine and enhance all QA processes
  4. Monitor, inspect and report quality issues; conduct manual testing for bug detection
  5. Develop and maintain test-plans, specs, and other types of documentation
  6. Ensure that we meet all external and internal requirements before our product reaches customers

What we’re looking for:

  1. Strong technical background in web app quality assurance and an understanding of testing basics
  2. Experience with
    1. Web/app/mobile/e-commerce projects
    2. Issue tracking and test-case tracking tools
    3. Selenium Webdriver or developing tests based on Selenium WebDriver
    4. SQL basics
    5. Agile development/teamwork
  3. Awareness of source code management tools
  4. Background with *nix console interface
  5. Proficiency in written and spoken English

Visit https://grnh.se/9acd69262 to learn more and apply

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