Inzite, Ltd.

Inzite, Ltd.


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Inzite is an online telephone and video advice platform hosting independent advisors, coaches, mentors, tutors, business professionals and consultants. Experts publish beautiful profile pages, offering live call and appointment availability with live calendar synchronisation. Free or paid telephone & video appointments are offered on the platform.Inzite is an all-in-one solution with no downloads or plugins required. Features include expert discovery pages, search, expert profiles, live calendar integration, video & telephone calling, expert questions and answers and up-front payment authorisation for all booking requests.There are no subscription fees and all our prices listed are fully inclusive (video and phone calls incur commission at 12.5%, charged to experts at the point of payment).We also provide company SaaS solutions for businesses looking to offer their own online advisory service to clients (either free or paid calls).

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