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ecoInsight is an early stage business focused on building software solutions for “green” market.   ecoInsight’s current offering focuses on High Performance Buildings driving higher performance through data analysis, process enforcement and financially-driven decisions.  ecoInsight’s leadership team is a seasoned group of entrepreneurs with extensive, real-world experience in software sales and marketing, complex enterprise-scale software development, and the operations of an early stage growth company.


ecoInsight is developing an offline application for the Apple iPAD. The technology employed here is Cocoa/Objective C and SQLite.  The job requirements are as follows:


An iPhone/iPad native code developer with at least 2-3 years experience in the development of business related iPhone/iPad applications. The candidate must have a firm understanding of iPhone/iPad applications development utilizing the Cocoa Touch framework, Apple Human Interface Guidelines, Model-View-Controller as applied to iPhone/iPad Development. Knowledge of Objective-C/C programming within the xCode IDE. Specific development experience targeting the iPad is a plus. The candidate will need to have strong communication and organization skills to collaborate with many different departments and team members.  Additionally, the ideal candidate will have skills in the following technologies, programming languages and concepts.




•             2 years experience in developing Objective C applications for the iPhone/iPad Platform using the Apple SDK

•             Solid understanding of Cocoa/UIKit frameworks

•             Proficiency in Xcode 3.2, Interface Builder and Instruments.

•             At least 1 year of experience with WebServices

•             Model-View-Controller Design Pattern

•             iPhone/iPad Application Design and Best Practices

•             iPhone/iPad Secure Network Communications

•             iPhone/iPad Core Data and sqlite a plus

•             1+ years experience in consuming web services (SOAP/REST) and processing data (XML/JSON) a plus

•             5 Years Experience with Object Oriented Development Principles and Patterns a plus

•             Ability to use Agile and Rapid Prototyping techniques leading to a finished product a plus


Our plan is to augment the development team in the US in the above technology areas. For the right candidates, we will be willing to sponsor the H1B visas that are required for legal employment in the US.  More information about ecoInsight can be obtained from our website,


If you are interested in being a part of this exciting team and work on cutting edge technologies, please send your resume along with your contact information to


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Sean McCloskey | Chief Executive Officer | ecoInsight | mobile: +1 404-680-5542 | | Profitable Sustainability.


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