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Строитель, 40 000 UAH


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I would like to get the position: Specialist Paint finishing.
Desired Salary: from 1200 to 2800evro.

Personal data:
Date of Birth: July 21, 1983.
Marital status: Not maried.
Family: Father and Mother.

0) c 26 June 2016 on January 5, 2017
Robotayut Poland finisher painting robots.

c June 26, 2015 on November 28, 2015
Robotayut Lithuanian interior decoration.

1)! 0 February 2014 on 10 March 2015
Private informal deytelnost,
Obyazonasti: Purchase of material for finishing works: Wallpapering, painting walls, ceilings, wallpaper, vigotovka walls and ceilings for painting and wallpapering.
Drywall: Drywall installation, multi-level ceilings, the installation of slopes and arched openings .Zalivka flooring, laminate flooring and under screed kovrolin.Chasticho Electrical Power robots.
Coglasno marriageable drawings, process maps, and robochem documentation brigadirstvo, management, quality control proizvodstva.Kvartiry, offices, cottages turnkey.

2) from 20 September 2011 on 28 January 2014
Obyazonasti: Installation of drywall on the ceilings and walls of the installation of additional lighting (interior ceiling lights) bra.Vygotovka and finishing facilities of different volumes and complexities. Work with decorative plaster coatings mazaichnye.
Robot according to the drawings of marriageable age, technological maps, working and documentation brigadirstvo, production quality control.
Purchase of building materials: paint, primer, glue, wallpaper, plastering, drywall, profiles, naprovlyayuschie, screws, all the materials for the inner remonta.Zakupka material and supplies, including all kinds of
power, leadership, brigadirstvo. Working with the new European materials.

3) from 14 October 1999 to 28 August 2011

Organization of complex repairs of apartments and cottages Kiev and suburbs
Private (informal) activities
Responsibilities: perform tasks deadlines. Available there are photos and videos of work done.

Education: Secondary - Technical unfinished .Zakonchil COMPUTER courses.

Additional Information: Languages ??otsutsvuet.Izuchal initial English and French.

Personal qualities: vezhlevy, punctual, responsible, communicative and self-organization.

EC card 153073 Candidate for a card .


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