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Тестировщик, QA Engineer, Tester

Full-time, part-time, remote.

Ready to move to:
Kharkiv, Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa

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Work experience

QA Engineer

from 01.2018 to now (1 year 10 months)
Software development

Analysis and clarification of requirements;
Creating and maintaining technical documentation (Test Case, Check-lists, Bug report, ect.)

Content Manager

from 01.2013 to now (6 years 10 months)
Online store

•Analysis information
•Create contents for web-sites/online store
•Experience with different CMS

Software developer

from 08.2011 to now (8 years 3 months)
Machine building industry

•Software development using Oracle database, SQL (PL/SQL) language, Delphi components and tools
•Experience in SQL, PL/SQL procedures, functions, triggers, indexes, views and queries, etc
•Create queries from database and reports (Fast report, Xl report)
•Manual testing and support



ФАМ, Краматорск
Higher, from 09.2006 to 07.2011 (4 years 10 months)

Additional education

Test engineer - online course (2018)

Language proficiencies

  • Ukrainian — fluent
  • Russian — fluent
  • English — average

Additional information

•Analysis and clarification of requirements
•Creating and maintaining technical documentation (Test Cases, Check-lists, Bug reports, ect.)
•Knowledge about software development, testing techniques, development life cycle, bug lifecycle

•Strong professional communication skills in a work environment
•Positive attitude to learning new tools and technologies

OS, Tools, Languages:

Windows, SQL, PL/SQL, Pascal, PL/SQL Developer, Delphi, Toad, ERwin, Visio Html, CSS, Google docs and tables, CMS

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