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Front-End Developer, 20 000 UAH

Full-time, remote.

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Work experience

JavaScript developer

from 10.2018 to now (1 year)



Secondary, from 09.2001 to 06.2014 (12 years 9 months)

Additional information

I’m JavaScript Developer. As a self-motivated and goal concerning person I’ve a passion for software development since my school days. I’ve for about 1 year of professional experience and I can state, there are no limits in commitment to the excellence and there is always a better way to do something better. In relation with above mentioned, I always desire to learn new technologies and advance my skills.

Experience with HTML5, CSS3.
Experience with css-in-js, css-modules, styled-components.
Experience with preprocessors Pug, Handlebars, SCSS.
Experience with JavaScript(ES5 - 8), TypeScript, Flow.
Experience with DOM, BOM.
Experience with adaptive, responsive design.
Experience with AJAX/fetch, JSON, WebSocket.
Experience with REST API, GraphQL.
Experience with build tools gulp, webpack, parcel.
Experience with package managers yarn, npm.
Experience with React & Redux/MobX.
Experience with React Native.
Basic knowledge of RxJs.
Experience with SSR Next.js.
Basic knowledge of Vue, Svelte3.
Basic knowledge of testing with Jest, Enzyme.
Experience with PWA.
Experience with Node.js (express, nestjs).
Basic knowledge of mongodb, postgresql.
Experience with serverlsess Firebase, AWS.
Basic knowledge of Docker, Travis.
Experience with Photoshop.
Knowledge of Git.
Knowledge of Jira.

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