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Переводчик английского



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Language proficiencies

  • English — advanced
  • Russian — fluent
  • Ukrainian — advanced

Additional information

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Anna Dzhupanas
English Teacher, Translator [open contact info](look above in the "contact info" section)

Dnipro, Ukraine

English Teacher Study Program
Freelance National Technical University Dnipro
06/2013- 01/2016 Dnipro, Ukraine Polytecnic
I was giving private English lessons to people of 2013 - 2018 Dnipro, Ukraine
different ages, mostly general English. Thesis
American media text as a source of national and
cultural information and peculiarities of its
06/2016- 01/2018 Dnipro, Ukraine

Achievements/ Tasks SKILLS
I was responsible for preparing and giving English
lessons to people from elementary to advanced level Advanced English Russian
both general lessons and IELTS training online and
Microsoft Word

English Teacher, Translator Decision Making
Quick Learner
01/2018 – 11/2018 Dnipro, Ukraine
Time Management Communication
I provided individual English lessons and
IELTS training as well as did translation

Russian- English Translator (Remote)
Wikr Group
11/2018 – 07/2019 Dnipro, Ukraine

My duties included translating articles and video
scripts on various topics (media, medical, life hacks,
etc.) from Russian into English.

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