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IOS-разработчик (SWIFT)

Full-time, part-time, remote.


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Экономики и управления, Киев
Unfinished higher, from 09.2008 to 06.2011 (2 years 9 months)

Additional education

SkillUP&BigDigitals, IOS development on SWIFT (2019, 3.5 месяца)

Language proficiencies

English — above average

Additional information

- OOP , Swift practical experience
- Understanding of application/viewcontroller lifecycle
- Understanding principles of iOS app interface building and layout (frames, views, constraints,
UIKit at all)
- Knowledge of relational database fundamentals (CoreData/Realm)
- Knowledge of device sensors telemetry processing (GPS, compass, gyro, gravity sensor, etc)
- Experience with development tools: XCode, Git, CocoaPods
- Familiar with Apple Developer Programs, App Store Connect
- Familiar with Firebase(practical experience in using MLKit), FB SDK
- Practical experience in Jira, Trello
- Experience in Waterfall and Agile methodologies

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