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Finance analyst, accountant



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Work experience

Junior Accountant Treasury Analyst

from 03.2019 to now (7 months)
DLA Piper GSC, Warsaw (Finance)

• Review financial documents to verify accounting data and mathematical accuracy.
• Perform advanced reviews of business operational trends and expected obligations to prepare accurate forecasts;
• Processing and booking payments, receipts and bank statements;
• Assist with basic treasury task (daily reporting);
• Work closely with other teams to investigate unclear positions;
• Prepare monthly bank reconciliation;
• Performing quality checks;
• Work with auditors.

FIU AML Analyst

from 06.2018 to 02.2019 (8 months)
CITI Bank, Warsaw (Finance)

• Perform detailed analyses to detect patterns, trends, anomalies and
schemes in transactions and relationships across multiple
• Report unusual transactions that could relate to money laundering or
terrorist finance activities;
• Market trends and customer behavior analysis;
• Evaluate new accounts documentation (check high-risk clients);
• Perform screening (searches against Sanctions, Politically Exposed
Persons and Negative Press lists) on clients and its related parties;
• Be up to date with anti-money laundering, counter-terrorist financing, and FATCA regulations, policies, industry best practices and trends.


from 05.2013 to 02.2016 (2 years 9 months)
Law Firm „Tarasov and partners", Kyiv (Law)

• Contract work;
• Representing clients in the civil and commercial trial;
• Support of Corporate cases in the interest of the Company in the Court;
• Working with real estate transactions, regulatory & compliance, labor &employment;
• Review business transaction documents;
• Drafted and amended complaints.


University of Łódź

International Economic Relations, Łódź, Poland
Higher, from 10.2016 to 10.2018 (2 years)

Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics

Law, Kyiv
Higher, from 09.2008 to 06.2013 (4 years 9 months)

Additional education

Quo Vadis - Customer Service (Arron Partners) (1 month)

Professional and other skills

  • Computer skills
    SAP, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Elite Enterprise.
  • Cash Flow analysis (2 years of experience)
    Advanced, I currently use it.
  • Financial reporting (2 years of experience)
    Advanced, I currently use it.

Language proficiencies

  • English — advanced
  • Polish — advanced
  • Russian — advanced
  • Ukrainian — fluent

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