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Plietnov Vladyslav
Java Trainee

Phone: [open contact info](look above in the "contact info" section)
Email: [open contact info](look above in the "contact info" section)
Location: Kharkov
Date of Birth: 9.08.1994
Linkedin: [open contact info](look above in the "contact info" section)

Education: National Aerospace University «KhAI»
2019 – in Computer Science (PhD student)

2014-2018 National Aerospace University «KhAI»
Telecommunications Engineering (master's degree)

Master's Graduation Work: Preliminary image processing
and denoising on mobile devices for Android platform

Skills: Java 8 (Core): (Collections, Multithreading, Exception
Handling, JDBC);
OOP, SOLID, GoF patterns (Singleton, Abstract Factory,
Factory Method, Builder, IoC, etc. );
SQL: PostgreSQL, CRUD;
Maven, Gradle;
Unit Testing: JUnit, TestNG;
Servlet API, Tomcat;
Spring (Data, MVC, WEB, Beans, Core, etc.);
English: Intermediate

Knowledge: Java 8: The Complete Reference by Herbert Schildt
Java Concurrency in Practice
Effective Java by Joshua Bloch

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