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Customer support representative, 30 000 UAH



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Work experience

Customer Support Representative

from 08.2018 to 08.2019 (1 year)
Support Your App, Київ (Outsourced customer support service)

Providing support to Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android applications. Assisting with and configuring business (commercial) solutions.
Deliver service support to end users using and operating an automated call distribution phone software.
Resolving support tickets, assisting customers in operating applications and programs via CRM-system, remote desktop control software etc.
Calls, CRM tickets, Zendesk chat etc.


Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University

Elementary Education, Київ
Higher, from 09.2014 to 06.2018 (3 years 9 months)

Additional information

Young, ambitious person with passion to IT, gadgets, innovative technologies and psychology. Experienced in an outsourcing Customer Support of software products for Windows and macOS platforms, effective team player.
Having experience of living in English language environment inspired me on exploring customer service as a part of business, the mentality of English-speaking customer and providing appropriate care.

Experienced in Phone calls, CRM tickets, Jira, Zendesk chat support etc.

Student Work & Travel USA program participant - Summer 2015, 2016

Гибкий график, - утренние/вечерние смены, приветствуется. Вакансии с ночными сменами не рассматриваю

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