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SMM-менеджер, Project, Sales-Account Manager

Full-time, remote.

Ready to move to:
Kyiv, Odesa

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National Academy of National Guard of Ukraine

Philology, professional interpreter/translator (English - major, French - elective), Харків
Higher, from 09.2011 to 06.2015 (3 years 9 months)

Language proficiencies

  • English — fluent
  • Russian — fluent
  • Ukrainian — fluent
  • French — average

Additional information

Senior Account Manager| (November 2017– September 2019)
At “AppAve - Mobile Performance Agency ”
• Develop and execute a strategic plan to achieve sales targets and to expand the company’s customer base;
• Build and maintain strong, long-lasting customer relationships;
• Partner with customers to understand their business needs and objectives;
• Effectively communicate the value proposition through proposals and presentations;
• Manage contract renewals and perform the contract and financial negotiations;
• Continuously review, analyze and optimize the performance of current campaigns;
• Optimizing existing relationships with direct advertisers, affiliate networks and performance agencies to convert them into profitable partnerships;
• Manage client budgets and provide cost optimization solutions.
Sales Manager| (January 2017– October 2017) At “Adorika - digital advertising company”
• Drive company’s revenue growth through a high volume of outreach via emails & skype- calls.
• Generate high-quality leads and manage the lead generation process
• Research prospect contact information and the best ways to get in touch with them
• Set appointments for Brand Sales Representatives
• Exceed sales goals and quarterly revenue targets while contributing to overall team goals.
Sales Manager| (August 2015 –September 2016)
• request for road haulage
• conclusion and support of contracts in foreign trade;
• negotiating and business correspondence with the logistic companies and brokers under the terms of work and optimization of deliveries;
• control and maintenance of deliveries at all stages — from placement before obtaining the order;
• execution of the necessary accompanying documentation (delivery schedules, certificates, permissions, requests for road haulage).
Sales Consultant (in USA) | (May 2014– Sep 2014)
• Handling sales consultancy of the company products
• Strengthen patronage activities of the store.
• Improving sales effect by conducting client feedback.
• Teaching TOEFL and IELTS courses to individual and small group students.
• Familiarize the concepts of the CAE English program to students.
• Edify speaking and organizing English debating groups.
• Summer Work and Travel program participant in USA (2014)
• Volunteered at the “Vishivanka” cross- cultural music festival. (2012)
• Participated in the conference about the role of Foreign Languages in developing Ukraine. (2015)

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