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Junior C++ developer

Full-time, part-time, remote.


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Additional information

Artem Krol
Zabolotnogo, Odessa, Ukraine
[open contact info](look above in the "contact info" section)
[open contact info](look above in the "contact info" section)

Career objective: To become a very good Middle C++ developer in your company
Key knowledge and skills
-Programmer C++ developer
-Very good knowledge data Structures and Algorithms
- Very good knowledge OOP
- Very good knowledge Design Pattern
-good knowledge .Net based on C#
- good knowledge WPF
-intermediate level English

Work Experience

-freelancer C++ programmer from Sep 2019
-doing custom work in C++
-doing Tutoring with two students (looking and correcting errors) explain to them the training material
Mercurial repository hg clone https://[open contact info](look above in the "contact info" section)/darkarki/oop-c
(for an example of my work)

-Bitcoin trader from Jun 2016 – Dec 2019
- trader in Israeli company online
-worked and tested various programs
-online communication with superiors

-banqueting manager from 2010 – 2016
-work with staff
-communication with the customer
(no related to programming)

Step Academy: developer
May 2018 – Dec 2019 student now
Ariel University: Industry Engineer
Oct 2006 - Oct 2009

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