Average salary for the "IT, computers & Internet" category in Ukraine

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Job titles in the "IT, computers & Internet" category

Android developer
81500 UAH
IOS developer
60000 UAH
HTML coder
20000 UAH
Unity developer
31000 UAH
Full stack developer
48000 UAH
.Net developer
70000 UAH
Customer service manager
21500 UAH
1C developer
50000 UAH
Lead generation manager
20500 UAH
WordPress developer
32000 UAH
SMM manager
20000 UAH
Product manager
30000 UAH
SEO specialist
25000 UAH
Back end developer
53500 UAH
Embedded developer
25000 UAH
50000 UAH
34800 UAH
System analyst
40000 UAH
Golang developer
90000 UAH
Web analyst
40500 UAH
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