Консультант з продажу: average salary in Kyiv

Average salary
17000 UAH
Salary distribution
9000 UAH
30000 UAH

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How much does a консультант з продажу in Kyiv want to earn?

The average salary listed in resumes for "Консультант з продажу" in Kyiv is 17000 UAH. It is the median salary of 3575 resumes posted on Work.ua with the title "Консультант з продажу" and similar queries such as "Sales Executive", "Менеджер з продажу", "Sales manager" and others over the last 3 months. The range containing the median is highlighted in the chart.

Average salaries for the job title "Консультант з продажу" by city

All Ukraine
13000 UAH
17000 UAH
15000 UAH
12000 UAH
12000 UAH
15000 UAH
10000 UAH
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