Accountant: average salary in Uzhhorod

Average salary
12000 UAH
Salary distribution
7000 UAH
21000 UAH

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The average salary listed in resumes for "Accountant" in Uzhhorod is 12000 UAH. It is the median salary of 62 resumes posted on with the title "Accountant" and similar queries such as "Бухгалтер", "Спеціаліст з бухобліку", "Спеціаліст з бух. обліку" and others over the last 3 months. The range containing the median is highlighted in the chart.

Average salaries for the job title "Accountant" by city

All Ukraine
12000 UAH
16000 UAH
12000 UAH
12000 UAH
12000 UAH
13000 UAH
10000 UAH
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