Banner placements

Placing banner ads on is a successful blend of building your brand and effectively appealing to your target audience.

A wide audience reach

Topic-based targeting by category

Discounts on purchases of over 500 thousand impressions

Homepage for employers

120 thousand impressions per week

The primary audience consists of company and division leaders, and HR directors.

90 UAH

per thousand impressions

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Internal pages for employers

1.3 million impressions per week and between 2 and 200 thousand impressions depending on the category

Результаты поиска и просмотр кандидатов. Уникальная аудитория из руководителей и HR-менеджеров. Все, кто ищет персонал, обязательно увидят вашу рекламу.

40 UAH

per thousand impressions

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Internal pages for job seekers

10 million impressions per week, between 10 thousand and 1 million depending on the category

Search results and job views. A good design draws attention to the banners. And the ability to target using 29 categories allows you to accurately reach your target audience (from upper management to lawyers or dancers).

35 UAH

per thousand impressions

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  • 10% for over 500 thousand impressions.
  • 20% for over 1 million impressions.

Banner ad requirements

  1. Supported banner types: JPG, PNG, GIF.
  2. Banner dimensions: 730х90, 240х400.
  3. Banner size must be less than 50 KB for static image and less than 100 KB for GIF.
Advertisements that we won't display
  1. Ads for alcohol, tobacco, network structures, or that are erotic or pornographic.
  2. Ads for political organizations, parties, or campaigns.
  3. Ads for drugs for "below the belt" issues (diarrhea, constipation, impotence, etc.).
  4. Ads for risk based games: casinos, stock exchange games (Forex, etc.), betting, etc.
  5. Any ads that are clearly aggressive, contain bloody characters, or which call for violence (even in jest) or contain crude slang or expressions.

Commercial offers for banner ads

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Payment methods

Visa or Mastercard

Bank transfer

Commercial offers

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We are always at your service

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