Salary statistics

Average salary in Kyiv

Calculated based on data from 27 040 jobs and 1 317 334 resumes of candidates. Updated weekly.

Accounting & auditing

Administration & middle management

Agriculture & agribusiness

Beauty, fitness & sports

Construction & architecture

Culture, music & entertainment

Design & creativity

Education & science

Finance & banking

Hotels, restaurants & tourism

HR & personnel management


IT, computers & Internet

Journalism, publishing & printing


Logistics, warehouse & international commerce

Marketing, advertising & PR

Medicine & pharmaceuticals

Real estate


Sales & procurement

Secretarial, clerical & administrative assistants

Security & guarding

Service sector

Skilled trades & manufacturing


Transportation & auto industry

Upper & senior management

Other fields

Average salary

  • 20 543 UAH - based on job postings
  • 22 531 UAH - based on resumes
* The calculation uses a weighted average to keep the impact of individual job postings or resumes with unrealistic wages to a minimum. Resumes and jobs without a salary aren't included. The calculation includes data from resumes and job openings from the last 7 days.
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