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Senior DevOps Engineer (OL) to Kyiv

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Project Overview:

The product we create is the Platform providing the next generation of location services intelligence. Offering high-quality services such as map-data, traffic, geocoding and more as a standard, the platform now is evolved to reach the next level offering customers new ways of creating the value for their organizations.

The platform will provide comprehensive software development tools to third-party developers from different industries using which they could ingest, process and analyze sensor data from multiple sources, encode location-related information for people, places, and things.

With the complete development environment, developers will be able to consume data and services from the platform, even those created by other users, to enrich their solutions as well as provide their data and services to bring into the platform or create within it for use in the application of other users.

Connected to the Platform’s cloud services, intelligent in-vehicle devices could «see around the corner» to track and respond to the potential danger as well as perform real-time changes to the maps or any other data which then could be shared with other connected devices creating IoT ecosystem.


  • At least 3 years of hands-on experience with Python;
  • Solid knowledge of Python deployment packages, Python for utilities, Python for Automation, Python for micro services interfaces;
  • Preferred experience with the following python libraries: Requests, BOTO, python-consul, YAML, JSON, SQLAlchemy, Git/Gerrit;
  • Knowledge of Java programming language and JDK;
  • 1−3 years of experience working with AWS administration;
  • 3−5 years of experience working with various AWS subsystems/offerings (including VPC/Subnets, Security Groups/ECS/EC2/ELB/ASG, IAM/Roles, S3 and EMR);
  • 3−5 years of experience working with AWS APIs and CLIs;
  • Ability to navigate and utilize various services in AWS and have an understanding of their operational principles;
  • Hands-on experience working with Jenkins (ability to perform basic server administration, create and execute jobs);
  • At least 1 year of experience working with Docker (building, maintaining, executing Docker images). Knowledge of dockerfiles;
  • Required experience in system administration of Linux;
  • Preferred experience system administration of Mac and Windows;
  • Strong understanding of Agile development principals;
  • Knowledge of JIRA and Confluence;
  • Solid communication skills;
  • Upper-intermediate English level.
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