Вакансія від 11 серпня 2019

Java Full-Stack Developer

85 000 грн

IT; 10–50 співробітників
Вид зайнятості:
повна зайнятість, дистанційна робота
досвід роботи від 2 років, вища освіта

Опис вакансії

We are looking for a full stack developer (Java + React, Angular devs considered) to join our open source deep learning (AI / machine learning) software team.

AI (machine / deep learning, data science) knowledge / experience is NOT required, but there will be opportunities to learn such skills if interested.

You will be involved in development (front end + integrations) for a popular open-source AI framework, working with an existing deep learning, machine learning and data science tools team.

Front-end work will focus on the development of interactive tools for desktop environments, to help our users and customers build high-performance AI solutions for a wide variety of real-world problems.

Responsibilities: * Work with AI and data experts to design and implement front-end functionality * Work on Java integrations, databases / data access, and UI backend functionality * Test UI-related functionality to ensure correctness, performance, scalability and usability * Produce mockups and wireframes for proposed front-end functionality

Requirements: (2+ years of experience, more is advantageous) * Java * HTML, JavaScript, CSS, JQuery, React, REST * Unit testing and debugging (Java and front end) * Git or other VCS experience * Fluent written + spoken English * Self-directed, ability to learn, good communication skills * Able to operate as part of a team, or independently when required

Any of the following would be advantageous but not required: * Front-end design skills * Android development experience * Angular * Typescript * Graph / visualization frameworks such as D3, Chart.js, Highcharts, etc * Python, C # or C ++ * Basic (or better) math skills (statistics, linear algebra, calculus) * Familiarity with machine learning or data science concepts / tools * Microservices, Kafka, Spark, etc * Linux, Docker, Kubernetes * CI / CD and DevOps familiarity

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