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Senior Java Engineer

Cosylab Ukraine
IT; 50–250 співробітників
Місце роботи:
Velyka Vasylkivska Street, 47; 1,7 км від центру
Вид зайнятості:
повна зайнятість, дистанційна робота
досвід роботи від 2 років, вища освіта

Опис вакансії


  • Strong Java 8 programming skills;
  • Java 8, maven, Eclipse
  • 3+ years professional experience
  • Git repositories, Gitlab, Continuous integration


  • RHEL/Centos, bash, Scala 2, Zero MQ, mockito, Immutables
  • JavaFX, 1+ years developing GUI
  • Experience with C++, C#, Python is a plus

Project 1:

  • Revolutionary new cancer treatment using proton particle therapy (cutting edge hi-tech project)
  • Large medical application (for hospitals) that controls the operation of particle accelerator
  • System composed of a set of Java 8 micro-services connected through a zeroMQ-based communication middleware
  • External hardware components are connected through adapters, which allows to support different external hardware by implementing the necessary interface for that adapter

Working conditions:

  • Competitive salary
  • Professional and friendly workplace
  • Encouraging environment for professional development & personal growth
  • Work environment with flexible working hours and occasional remote work
  • 1 month in Ljubljana at Cosylab HQ to get familiar with the project, every few months travel to Ljubljana for 1 week

About Cosylab:

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