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Housekeeper, Assistant

Smith A.B., private person
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Повна зайнятість, неповна зайнятість. Досвід роботи від 2 років.

Опис вакансії


We are seeking a well-qualifed, experienced and professional housekeeper and personal assistant, to perform a variety of tasks: purchasing of food and household items, cooking, cleaning, laundry, ironing, online ordering of goods and overall management of the home and assistance to its owner.

The Role and Mandate

A typical day begins with a trip to the local supermarket to source the best produce to be used in the preparation of delicious and nutritious meals. Food is prepared either at the request of the employer or by suggestion of the employee, who is also welcome to help themselves to a portion or two throughout the work day. Tea and coffee are also provided on the job. The work day includes light and occasionally more heavy cleaning and organizing, doing laundry and ironing clothes and linens. The employee also receives deliveries by courier and occasionally makes other trips to shops and the post to collect household items.

The current schedule consists of three shifts per week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, however this is open to the discussion, including the possibility of working different days, or up to five days per week. The schedule and salary will be discussed in further detail and finalized with the successful candidate.

During times when the owner travels, the employee would either stay to care for the home, or have the option to accompany the employer to assist with travel, wardrobe, shopping, etc.

Candidate Qualifications

Ideal candidates for the position will be cheerful and good-natured, communicative, honest and reliable.

Significant experience in caring for a home and its residents is key, with advanced culinary skills, knowledge of caring for various material and finishes, an eye for and attention to detail--slightly obsessive-compulsive people are welcome :-)

The pace of work is generally relaxed, not rushed, with an emphasis fulfilling a wide-variety of tasks with a high degree of accuracy and care.

Proficiency in computer and smartphone application use would be an asset to assist in the online purchasing and ordering of goods.

The Location

Odessa: the residence is located on picturesque French Boulevard, ideally positioned between the city center and Arcadia, a three-story penthouse with panoramic views of the Black Sea, a large open terrace and lots of natural light, air and warmth. The building is easily accessible by all forms of public and private transit. For transport during work hours, a taxi service will be offered to the employee free of charge.

The Process

We strive to make the role as attractive to potential employees as possible and hence are open to suggestions for changes and improvements to the position. We are an equal opportunity employer and open to individuals of all genders, sexual orientations, races and religions as well as persons with disabilities.

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