Вакансія від 25 листопада 2020

Pre-sale manager

17 000 – 23 000 грн

Архітектура, дизайн; 10–50 співробітників

Київ, вулиця Казимира Малевича, 48.
3 км від центру · На мапі

Повна зайнятість.

Опис вакансії


Let’s get acquainted :)

Lazarev. — is a product design agency that employs cool designers with a high level of expertise.

We make usable and aesthetically orgasmic sites, mobile applications, and interfaces for our customers from Europe, the United States, England, Australia, Japan, Ukraine, and other countries.

By the way, this is also our work

Now we are looking for a Pre-sale manager who will generate prospects for our sales managers.

How does it work and what will you do?

We work on a platform where clients place their requests to find particular specialists. Your task is to find and select suitable orders according to our filters, write the coolest application using the most appropriate portfolio cases and, at the final stage, transfer interested clients to the sales manager for closure. All communication with the client is in English.


  • English (B2+) Everyone understands English levels in different ways, that’s why I will describe in words: it is essential for us that our candidate can freely convey his thought, both in writing and orally. We will check this in an interview.
  • Experience Of course, relevant experience is a big plus for you, but it’s not a problem if you have none of it. Have perfect English, have a good head on your shoulders, and you are aboard.
  • About 'good head on shoulders' Flexibility, intelligence, sense of humor and self-dependence
  • Process Application generation is primarily about perseverance, focusing on the work process, quality, and quantity at the same time. The more high-quality applications you generate, the greater the percentage of feedback, the more income you have.
  • Creativity | outbox thinking You can call it whatever you like; the essence is the same — the applications you will write should be exciting and lively, understandable, and memorable.


  • People Our agency is not the congestion of several people or so-called 'dream team' (which is often far from a dream, honestly). We are delighted to spend time together outside of work, chill, have fun, relax. We are genuinely comfortable and always have fun together.
  • Money Salary consists of fix (UAH 15,000) and flex (+|- UAH 5,000−8,000)
  • Tasks It is important for you to feel comfortable working on the process, to understand that this work is rather monotonous, although there is taste/color/life in the applications.
  • Remote We have a flexible work format. You can work in the office or at home; the main thing is the result. Although for the adaptation period (1−2 months), you will need to work in the office.
  • Atmosphere We are working in our cool loft office near the 'Palats Ukraina' metro station, pleasant not only to the soul but also to the eye;)
  • Fruit Wednesday One joint lunch-surprise in the middle of the week is a must-have event to relax and hang out together.
  • Growth We cover 50% of specialized courses that will help you to improve your hards skills.

Send CV + short cover letter, explaining why you decided to apply :)

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