Yellow Leaf Technologies

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We are the team of passionate technology enthusiasts basing our skill set on Linux/Python stack. However we also have solid background in PHP development as well as Front-End technologies (Angular, Backbone, jQuery etc.)

After years of experience, automating, optimizing, fastening, delivering, helping to achieve, we’ve understood that clear direction and technical focus makes it perfect. That’s why we’ve founded Yellow Leaf, so we and our partners may satisfy their curiosity in how far we can go with quality and reliability, being as flexible and responsive to market as possible.

This is a reason we picked carefully our technology and art specialists, who are capable to bring something new and different into the world. We believe that complete product is not only meeting requirements, it also has to feel «right».

Our goal is to provide high-quality software development mainly in enterprise web development and data science, followed by visible and smart project management control.

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