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Clickdrive is a Singapore based company that serves the needs of the Connected Car market. One area which affects everyone’s lives still remains virtually untouched, Driving. All modern cars are run by computers which produce a huge amount of data however, this data is never collected or used. In 2017, there will be One Billion cars NOT connected to the internet. Clickdrive is designed to unlock and create value from this data for commercial fleet owners and private drivers. At the core it is a black box device which plugs into any modern car in seconds to connect it to the internet. From optimising fuel usage to tracking your driving to providing a secure Virtual Private Network across your fleet of vehicles, Clickdrive is the most flexible and technically advanced product in the Connected Cars market. Clickdrive will provide innovative solutions to clients faster and at lower cost than has previously been possible. The Clickdrive hardware plugs into any modern car, connects to the vehicle’s on-board computers, installs in seconds without tools, has ¾G, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and provides a highly accurate orientation and location system. Clickdrive’s long-term vision is to own the platform that future Connected Car Apps are built on. This platform functions like an App Store for the Connected Car market for consumer and corporate clients to download apps to help them with driving analysis, fuel usage analysis, predictive maintenance.the list is endless. Third-party developers will be able to create, distribute and monetize their own Apps using our Open API.

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