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Стартап, компания. Занимаемся разработкой сервиса электорнных визиток. Для расширений возможностей традицонных визитных карточек, а также увеличения эфективности рекламы, и улучшению эфективности «B2C» бизеса. У нас есть сплоченная команда и целеустремленное руководство с опытом успешных запусков стартапов.

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We are Startup Company. Our product helps storage, distribution and management of contact information.

We often have to look for someone’s phone number, address or other contact information. This process is not only wasting our time, but also very annoying.

All of us many times had to look for someone’s contact, a friend’s phone number, a business partner’s mail, websites of a favorite cafe, friend pages of in different social networks, etc.

And now think about how much you have contacts without photos, with duplicate names or even without any names / surnames, in your smartphone.

How many people contacts you have, about which you don’t remember anything, and certainly don’t know who they are now and where they work?

If you work in business, then you know what problems there are with classic business cards. They are all the time lost somewhere and finding the right business card among a bunch of others is not so simple. And how convenient it would be to receive all contacts of organizations in a few clicks?

Have you ever had cases when you saw useful advertising for you, but did not keep contact with it, since it was not so important for you to waste your time? As a result, this created inconvenience to you. And business lost its client. Also the situation is entirely with business cards of your favorite cafes, restaurants, salons, shops, etc.

These are only few cases, those we solve.

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