Метра, ЗАО

Контактное лицо:
(044) 405-81-95

Joint Stock Company “METRA” is the exclusive distributor and producer of starter batteries  and  offers in the Ukranian market a wide range of “INCI AKU” and “HUGEL” brands of  automotive batteries for different types  and classes of automobiles. The starter batteries are certified in Ukraine  and the factory production systems  have been  awarded ISO 14001 and QS 9000  standard certificates.

Lately the company  has offered in the Ukranian market  new classes of starter batteries “INCI AKU Formul A” and “INCI AKU Super A” and also ”HUGEL Action” which are distinguished for their better field performance  achieved due to the use of silver and tin in the plate’s grid.

JSC “METRA” guarantees high quality of the starter batteries it offers in the market and their availability at  “METRA’s”  warehouse.

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