GR Capital

Фінанси, банки, страхування
Розмір компанії:
10–50 співробітників
Контактна особа:
Адам Гащишин

GR Capital is a venture capital investor focused on tech companies at Series A-C stages in Europe, UK and USA. GR Capital manages $30M fund and co-invests $1−5M per company with top-tier funds. They started 2 years ago, but have already invested in Deliveroo, Owlet, Victor, Lofelt, Azimo and others. The focus of the fund is marketplaces, fintech, adtech, SaaS and insurtech.

The fund is led by top-notch specialists in the investment banking, private equity, consulting and venture capital. The team consists of 7 investment professionals and back office team of 3 persons. The offices are located in Kyiv and Riga.

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