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Hacken is Ecosystem, which includes the international community of white hat hackers and own cryptocurrency Hacken (HKN). The main idea of Hacken Ecosystem is to provide cybersecurity services on tokenized bug bounty marketplace platform HackenProof. Hacken is an innovative company, which includes both technical team, as well as the team of the best ethical hackers, who present Hacken Community as the Ambassadors all over the world. The goal of Hacken Ecosystem is to provide informational security for huge corporations, SME, as well as governmental organizations. The innovative feature of Hacken Ecosystem is embedded in HackenProof — bug bounty marketplace platform created by white hat hackers and the blockchain community based on the principle of fair share. The purposes of HackenProof are high quality penetration testing and vulnerability reports for a premium fee paid to community members submitting these reports. HackenProof is the platform, where vulnerabilitiy management meets the international standard requirements. Hacken’s aim is also to grow and support various community events and meetups in Europe and elsewhere in the world, including HackIT — the largest international cybersecurity conference in Ukraine. By supporting HackIT, we want to grow the generation of young and talented persons, who will empower our platform in the future. In turn, Hacken is an international project, which has been presented in different countries, namely USA, UK, UAE, Japon, China, Netherlands, Spain, Monaco, etc. Hacken Team is young, talented and сlever people mentored by highly professional advisors as John McAfee (designer of the first commercial antivirus) and Philip Zimmermann (designer of the first software for encrypting of e-mail PGP).

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