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The Sales experts provides Sales Recruitment, Sales Consulting and Sales Training Services with head office located in London.

A person can do nothing better than build a business, to create something of value where nothing existed! I am passionate about building business — recruitment, brand, sales, marketing, and everything that touches on business growth. If you are facing a challenge in any of these areas, contact me and let’s talk about positively changing your circumstances. I have sold to a wide variety of sectors in 28 countries. Selling and business creation is my passion and I regularly speak on sales. Sales recruitment, sales training and sales process development truly inspire my work. I believe in providing a high quality service to my clients. I do not stop working until the project is perfect!

I have worked in twenty-eight countries including extensive work in South East Asia. I speak Chinese fluently as well as knowledge of several European languages. I have been selling since I was ten years old with my first paper route and have sold every working day since. I have personally sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of products and services. As a professional speaker and trainer I help others find success in sales. My experience has taught me that the right salesperson, in the right role is essential to sales success — this is why I love recruitment!'

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