Unicon International

Розмір компанії:
250–1000 співробітників

Founded in 1990, UNICON International Inc. is an awarding-winning M/WBE IT solution firm headquartered in Columbus Ohio. Since the inception of our company, «Be the best IT partner for success with both our clients and associates» has been our set vision. Under this vision, we are committed to delivering superior client services through the development of a win-win-win business relationship with our clients and associates. To fulfill our vision, we built a corporate culture with core values such as ethics, CARE (Collaborative, Appreciative, Responsive, Effective), and ADEPT (Attitude, Determination, Execution, Persistency, Teamwork).

At UNICON, we consider it a privilege to be trusted by our clients as a supplier and sincerely value the opportunity that our clients offer us to help them meet their IT needs. At the same time, we appreciate the trust and confidence our associates have placed in us. To us, a service engagement or an employment association is not just about business. It is a heart-felt relationship, commitment and partnership!

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