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As a health and wellness technology startup, Blue Goji is all about a collective journey to better health through games, especially with new virtual reality games.

Why games? We enjoy playing games because they are fun — that’s the simple answer. On a deeper level, playing games we enjoy is the only time we are 100% (or very close to it) committed and engaged mentally! No talking on the phone, texting, daydreaming, or surfing the web — just focusing and playing! In fact, similar to playing sports, playing fun and engaging games demands our total concentration and interaction, but without the physical intensity of sport. With modern life’s myriad of distractions, this type of experience is becoming more and more precious and rare. This revelation began the genesis of Blue Goji: what if we could harvest the same commitment and engagement from fun and exciting games — especially from VR games that can truly transport us to a different world — and infuse them with interactive and physical actions into what we call Active Gaming/Active VR? Leveraging this Active Gaming/Active VR concept, we wanted to find out if we could make it easier and much more fun for «the rest of us» — not just the top 5% of very active and health-oriented people who don’t need any help or motivation — to develop and maintain healthier habits and improve our overall health and wellness.

Since then, we have been hard at work experimenting, testing, building out, and validating Active Gaming/Active VR with all kinds of technology, including mobile and VR games, apps, hardware, and software. We accept the challenge of «developing healthier habits for the rest of us» and understand the risk as well as the fact that no one has succeeded in doing so! We have made a lot of progress but we also have had our fair share of setbacks.

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