East China Jiaotong University

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Kate Daneiko

East China Jiaotong University (ECJTU) is located in the richly endowed heroic city-Nanchang, covering an area of 187 hectares. As one of the 300 national best afforested institutes, decorated by green hills and pretty lakes, its campuses are very charming and attractive.
ECJTU is a comprehensive university, focusing on engineering and also emphasizing the development of other fields such as technology, management, economics, arts, law, science, etc. With the authorization by the State Council, ECJTU was founded on Sep 22, 1971. It's a state public university, having been first under the administration of Chinese Railway Ministry; later from March of the year 2000, the University has come under the leadership of both the state and the Province government. Now, ECJTU has been assigned as one of the provincial university, having its funding primarily from the government.

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