Advice Group

Консалтинг, аудит, бухгалтерия
Контактное лицо:
Микола Вячеславович

Advice Group (Едвайс Груп) - консалтингова компанія.

Our company provides services mainly to foreign investors as well as to the biggest Ukrainian enterprises in the region. From the very start of Advice Group’s existence it has united the best professionals in legal, financial, management, real estate, recruitment and other fields, which resulted in fast business growth and a high number of successfully accomplished projects. As of today Advice Group has become one of leaders on the local business advisory services market with a clear goal to become the best service company in the region within the nearest future. With more than 20 consultants, a number of experienced foreign of counsels as well as more than 10 years of intensive experience of Advice Group specialists we have successfully carried out more than 400 client projects in different areas.

Advice Group is also a socially responsible firm and is very active in pro bono, legislative, community, civic, ecology, sponsorship and other work directed towards the development of local society and Ukraine in general.

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