Амерго Груп, ООО

Транспорт, логістика
Розмір компанії:
10–50 співробітників

We provide four basic types of services:

  1. Crewing. Supplying of licensed and high-experienced staff to vessels of all kinds of fleet (merchant, offshore,passenger) along with regular bluejacket mariners. Upon request, we provide the crew management in the port of stay or mooring, changing the crewmembers, supervision over the proper payment for amenities of crewmembers, firing and hiring, payment and remuneration issues and all sort of related questions.
  2. Shipchandler. Food, water, merchandise for in-ship stores, oil, consumables, fuel, and anything around it are included in ship supply services that we do.
  3. Repairing of all types. Starting from small ship repair services taking hours to complex capital repairing taking months. We also can search for the best shipyard for this, negotiate on price and so on.
  4. Shipping agent servicing including port agency functions and cargo brokerage. All document-related and cargo-related issues, which list is too long to count them all. Cargo, money, remuneration, documents, customs, brokerage, clearing are in our list of ship agency services covering 100% of the spectrum of issues that may arise.

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