It should be obvious just by looking at its name that our company is focused on providing solutions for the most complex and unusual creative tasks in modern media. We lean on academic knowledge in the field of visual culture and creative experience in a large number of artistic domains, employing the state of the art technology to implement unique creative ideas.
Every solution we offer is different from the last and constitutes of a mix of various technologies. This is why it is diversity that is essential for approach of teams working on our various projects. The experience of our Art Directors allows us to complete most of the tasks with our regular crew, and at the same time to cooperate with the established network of freelancers effectively and totally risk-free.
By using a number of effective management mechanisms we developed production process where every element, be it a story or a movie, a sketch or a commercial, a simple concept or a music video, is streamlined, consistent, manageable and easy to understand. Our arsenal includes fine-tuned and perpetually advanced pipe-line and administrative infrastructure. Our innovative system of project monitoring makes it possible for our clients and partners to observe the process and make crucial decisions remotely.
Braindraintrain self-produce the majority of its projects, direct and design them and provide the animation. All this enables us to receive the most effective result without any additional burden on the project's budget.

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