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Information Technology Supervisor


Shidud Ltd is a technology independent financial company specializing in developing financial applications and solutions to address the high-opportunity capital markets around the world. It deploys technologies across multiple channels including algorithmic and automated market making solutions for the currencies.


Shidud Ltd is looking a reliable person in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, who is able to handle monitoring our system and when the time comes for action, they can follow instructions very well. What we need is someone to monitor our platform and be attentive to situations that are outside the normal status of the system. Our system monitors currency quotes.


It is an 8 hour a day job. The reality is that the candidate will likely be 90%  nothing and 10% very active. The system is designed to run on it's own. We need someone to supervise the system for times where things are not working as expected. Working days are from Monday through Friday. It is full time - long term. Salary: 400$ per month.


The requirements:

Full time - uninterupted- internet access

English speaking

Your own work environment (telecommuting)


An understanding of linux would be useful (experience in linux is not required but may have it's benefits)

Reliability is key. We need someone who does not require monitoring.


If you are interested in this position, please email your resume to ASAP.


Kind regards,


Shidud HR

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