Ideal, торговая компания

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Rufat Gasimov

"Ideal" is the national beauty retailer leader in selling the best international cosmetics and perfumery brands in Azerbaijan market.

"Ideal" Company was established in 1999 by Mr llgar Ismayilov, General Director. Having led perfumery business in Azerbaijan within short period of time company became a leader of Azerbaijan perfumery-cosmetics market. Ideal company is rapidly growing and has the very ambitious future plans.

Established in 1999 as a single shop, by today company owns the total trade space of around 1000 m2 in Baku only thanks to its successful marketing policy.
Ideal shops are located in all the major cities of the country offering the huge range of the most popular cosmetics products.

Selling over 30 000 items Ideal is bringing the choice to its customers to buy the best and very personal product.
Within short period of time we established a solid network of the perfumery shops and distribution points offering highest quality products and best service to the customers. Acting as the wholesaler of perfumery and cosmetics company has started working not only in Baku but all over the region.

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