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Мария Иванова
+380 44 279-70-92

The main activity of our company "Real Estate & Services" is short and long term apartment and property rent in downtown Kiev. This business direction was established in 1992, when president ad founder, Mr. Andre Petrovisky, recognized the community's need for safe, comfprtable and convenient housing in Kiev. As a result, he established Real Estate&Service with the goal of locating the perfect «home away from home» for foreigners.

Nowadays Real Estate&Service is Kiev's largest real estate agency with a history of satisfied customers from the diplomatic and business communities. Our experienced team of professionals provide a variety of choices suited to their needs and desires for housing and office space.

We also offer management services that include:

-       Assisting with registration

-       Facilitating payment of rent and bills

-       Mediation of disputes between the tenant and land lord

-       Providing information concerning repair persons and procedures

-       Emergency intervention if necessary

-       Repair and installation of mechanical, plumbing and electrical items

-       Refurnishing and arranging for reconstruction part or all the property

We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship, as we can help reap the benefits of the global economy and achieve success in partnership and business synergy.

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