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 Marketing and PR has never been harder than right now. The number of Influencers (reporters, analysts, bloggers, and publishers) that marketing and PR professionals need to track and influence is unprecedented—and there are no signs that things are slowing down. Similarly, the sheer breadth and depth of outlets for marketing content—aided by the growth of blogs, search engines, syndication, and social media—means it’s almost impossible to know where your content is, and even harder to control it once it’s “out there.”

That’s why SiteMbl is here. We’ve been marketers, PR execs, publishers, and reporters, and we’ve built the mBLAST solutions based on those experiences in order to bring marketers and influencers together. Our solutions are designed to help you find the information you need (such as marketing contacts or opportunities), act upon that information, and share your own marketing content with the world—while always maintaining control over how your company (or your client) is represented.

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