Gvozdiy & Oberkovych, Law firm



About us

Gvozdiy & Oberkovych Law Firm provides a broad range of business related legal services to domestic and foreign clients. The firm’s core expertise lies in the field of corporate and commercial law.

In a few short years, this firm has established the reputation of being one of the most prestigious law firms in Ukraine. It has earned several awards and has been recognized by its peers for its quality of service, level of expertise and knowledge of the law. Gvozdiy & Oberkovych was recently named one of the top 50 law firms in Ukraine by Judicial Practice magazine (Yuridicheskaya Praktika) the top Ukrainian legal publication.

In structuring cross border transactions, Gvozdiy & Oberkovych makes it easy for their clients. The firm assists its clients in establishing a presence in Ukraine, navigating through the peculiarities of local law and overcoming obstacles to conducting successful business.

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