The Frayman Group, Inc.


The Frayman Group, Inc. is a consulting and software development company that provides business process assurance services and technologies for law firms. The Frayman Group leverages its unparalleled industry expertise to help firms reduce risk, grow strategically and boost productivity.

The Frayman Group is 100% focused on helping its customers address business challenges through proven strategies coupled with the most innovative technologies. Our team of professionals, led by LegalKEY® visionary Yuri Frayman, has assisted more than 250 law firms worldwide in auditing their new business acquisition and matter-related processes, applying best practices, developing and implementing supporting technologies, and assisting with related training and change management.

The Frayman Group's newly-architected CompliFlow™ New Business Inception, CompliFlow™ Lateral Hire Intake and CompliGuard™ systems are built with firm-preferred Microsoft® technologies, uniquely delivering custom legal-specific frameworks that can be cost-effectively modified in-house as business needs change.

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