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Enformatic is a leading provider of specialized IT solutions customized to the individual needs of several industries. Enformatic professionals offer over 20 years of leadership and technical experience. We maintain a global network of collaborators. Enformatic’s services include solution design and development, implementation, training and strategic planning. Small and large businesses benefit from increased productivity and exceptional quality. Enformatic also offers our proprietary online software services designed to streamline large business’ processes and securely store data. As your business grows, our solutions will adjust to your needs and help you succeed in today’s dynamic environment. 

Solutions for Europe

Enformatic is the exclusive provider in 40 European Countries of Info Tech’s Appia® software, the premier ERP solution for managing the entire life-cycle of road construction administration. European cities, governments, and corporations achieve high ROI by streamlining the entire construction process and making decisions based on real-time data. The Appia software is offered in any language and supports EU requirements. Our local experts provide onsite services to ensure successful implementations and customizations. Academic institutions also benefit from integrating the Appia® educational licenses into their civil engineering programs. Various packages are available, from single projects to unlimited master licenses.

Document Management for Legal Firms and Businesses

Enformatic provides online document management systems designed to support the pre-trial litigation process and to expedite document mass-loading and searching, categorization and production. Small and large businesses using Enformatic’s online document management system save time organizing, loading, and searching thousands of documents while also having full administrative control to define new projects, document categories, headers, and privileges.

Return on Investment

Customers have realized substantial returns on their software investments. These returns are evidenced through budget savings and higher productivity. ROI studies can be done as part of implementation services.

*Appia® is a registered trademark of Info Tech, Inc.

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