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Maven Effect Research is a new breed of software developers using modern computer science to create simple, effective software solutions to solve contemporary problems in business management. Maven uses the latest development languages and tools to develop applications for outstanding cloud, desktop or mobile device.

Maven Effect’s objective is to provide hosting and locally deployed business management system in the form of accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) services software within fast-growing cloud computing market for online applications through its advanced software product, Accloud. Accloud is a client-server software solution for companies and organizations to manage contacts, inventory, warehousing and general accounting services and is available on the desktop, online and on mobile devices.

With a thirty-year history in building desktop and web solutions for business management, Maven perfectly placed to take the scope and accessibility of the new cloud computing

We are building a complete framework to manage your business. By dividing groups of people into categories amanged by team leaders our software emulates the way companies work. We don’t want to dictate how your business should work, but rather create software that works the way you do in the most efficient way for your business.

By keeping our systems simple to use we reduce training and implementation time. The bottom line is this saves your company money. That same simple to use philosophy means you go on saving money through improved productivity and retain customers by being better placed to service there needs with a truly next generation business management tool. Give your customers access to their data in your system, so they can place their own orders, r have your B2C clients place web orders based on live stock levels. No more refunds for out of stock products. Sounds simple, and now it is simple. Live data across your systems, your management, you mobile users, your web users.

We use the best specialists in their feilds to make sure we bring you the best in one application. No more data import and export worries or upgrade issues because of best of breed philosophies.

Maven: trusted expert in a particular area, which seeks to impart knowledge to others.

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