Zepter International


Zepter International is a global enterprise which produces, sells and distributes exclusive, high-quality consumer goods around the world principally by way of direct sales and also through high-end stores. Since its inception, Zepter has striven to enhance lifestyles around the world and to become an essential part of everyday living. Zepter Group has also successfully expanded its operations into the financial and insurance business. Today, a new Zepter presentation starts at least each 10 seconds somewhere in the world as Zepter is present on 5 continents and in over 40 countries.
Zepter’s products are manufactured using the latest technologies in 7 Zepter factories based in Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

Zepter’s success is not only attributed to long term vision and top-quality, innovative products, but also to a highly motivated and structured sales force of more than 130,000 consultants worldwide. Zepter takes pride in this network of superbly trained sales managers and consultants, on a global mission of health and beauty.

Zepter boasts more than 320,000 m2 of business space in the centres of the largest cities in the world.
Every year more than 65,000,000 people participate in one of Zepter’s presentations, either in its own prestigious and exclusive premises around the world or directly in the customers’ homes.
The past few decades have been very successful as over 80,000,000 of these people have become satisfied users of Zepter products and more than 760,000,000 products have been sold, which proves that whenever you see the name "Zepter" you can be sure that it means:


We are proud of our products. 
We are proud of their superior quality, 
striking design and our advanced technology.We enjoy our work. 

We respect those who work with us.There is one, most important principle 

behind all of our actions: 

Contact us: +38 050 736 86 42 (Julia)

                   +38 067 648 55 14 (Julia)

                   +38 099 910 43 05 (Daria)

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