Room 8 Studio

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Room 8 Studio is an interactive entertainment company based in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. With a team of 70+ highly qualified professionals, we create award-winning titles for multiple platforms such as Piano City, Cyto Puzzle Adventures, Riot Runners and Popcorn Party.

In addition to releasing our own titles, we provide high-level game production services for our partners:

  • Game development services: porting, prototyping, full cycle development and co-development.
  • Game art services: game art from concept to ready for implementation models, pre-production, creation 2D/3D characters, environments, different objects, 2D/3D animation and more.

Some of our partners include: Gaijin, Wargaming, Storm 8, SGN, Dena, Group and others.

At Room 8 we strive to nurtutre both the creative passion and skills of our team. Every project is characterized by a close collaborative working relationship with our partners.

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