Onion Insights Pvt. Ltd

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Tejas Jinturkar

Knowing, understanding and interacting with your Customers is the key to good Business. Onion Insights provides you with Customer Experience Insights which are simple, smart, impactful and help bring your brand closer to your Customers and vice versa.

As a Global Customer Experience Measurement (CEM) Company, Onion Insights is driven by the vision and commitment to build better Businesses through ‘Customer-Centricity’. We provide innovative and customized CEM programs to measure your Customer’s Experience using various tools of Mystery Shopping (Mystery Visits, Mystery Audits, Mystery Calls, Integrity Check, Competition Assessments), Customer Satisfaction Programs (Telephone Interviews, Exit Interviews, Intercepts, Email and Web Feedback) and Employee Satisfaction. Our CEM programs offer valuable Insights on how you can Refine and Redefine your Business Goals to provide optimum Customer Service and move your Customers from being satisfied to loyal and from loyal to being an advocate for your Brand.

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