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QE goes beyond QA
Quality Engineering (QE) refers to more than traditional Quality Assurance (QA). While QA is part of our QE work, Quality Engineering at Lohika delivers a level of assurance in your product that goes beyond QA. Our QE is a thorough, comprehensive approach to quality. With our vast experience, stellar team and sophisticated equipment, we solve most of your problems before they start.

Simulating and solving real-world problems
A typical QA department would test your site or product to make sure things ran smoothly prior to launch. Our QE demands more—to rest completely assured, you need to pre-empt all kinds of situations. In our laboratory environment, we simulate not only basic functionality, but we also test for and correct things like:

  • Variables affecting video streaming
  • Loading across platforms
  • Unusual levels of site traffic

At Lohika, QE is serious business
Unlike at some other companies, QE is not lower form of engineering, nor is it a “stepping stone” to other development jobs. QE engineers are hired and treated with the same rigor and respect as development engineers, and often come from the same background.

Quality Engineering (QE) has played a key role in Lohika’s ability to succeed as well as we have. Over the past six years, we have developed methodologies and best practices that we now employ on every project from Web and Enterprise Applications, to Digital Media to Network Engineering. As a testimony of our QE capabilities, Mercury Interactive (acquired by HP) has entrusted us with performing half of their global QE effort.

 Web and Enterprise Applications QE

Since our inception, Lohika has been providing end-to-end quality engineering for a variety of applications in the web space. We offer a complete spectrum of QE services, from functional testing through performance analysis. Our client-partners enjoy results such as extremely dependable code and high levels of developer productivity. We selectively apply both commercial and open source tools to deliver QE services tailored to your application.


  • Whitebox Testing
  • Functional QA
  • Regression Testing
  • QA Automation
  • Load and Performance Testing
  • Agile & Waterfall QA process models


  • JIRA
  • Mercury/HP Quality Center
  • Testlink
  • HP Web Inspect


  • TestComplete
  • Selenium RC
  • Rational Functional Test
  • Silk Test
  • Mercury QuickTest Pro
  • Canoo WebTest
  • Script languages (Perl, Python, PHP)
  • White Box Testing
  • LoadRunner
  • Grinder
  • JMeter


  • Cisco/Ironport
  • HP/Mercury
  • eBay/Marktplaats
  • OpenX
  • Accolo

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