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Inavante, LLC has over 9 years of successful experience in IT placement of Software Developers and Quality Assurance professionals from different countries in the US.

Employment in the USA provides extraordinary career and professional growth opportunities in the world’s most dynamic IT market. Our success stories start back in 1996 and boast about 300 H1B employees who joined the company and worked as consultants with IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and many top companies known worldwide.

Long-term projects as software consultant/analyst of Inavante in other cities of the USA are possible: Houston, New York, San Francisco.

Initial work location for all positions is Chicago, Illinois.

Regular H-1B visa application is fully covered by the Company.

To join Inavante team in Chicago we are looking for: Java Software Engineer.

We accept talented foreign applicants from Ukraine, Russia, and former CIS.

To join the program or have more information you are to send your CV. Within a few days we will contact you to arrange an introduction call and give you the overview of our screening and selection process.

We invite you to join our US team and build more success stories with us!

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